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We are open :
  Mon - Fri:  7am - 3pm
Orders can be picked up after hours by appointment and subject to orders being paid for in full at least 24 hours prior to pick-up  

15 Horseshoe Drive
Gold Coast QLD
07 5530 5463

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Devon Stork and best mate

DEVON STORK NURSERY was established by Devon Stork more than thirty years ago and has built up a reputation of excellence that has manifested itself as our motto “We are Known for Our Quality”. We have a strong team of experienced nursery people, always conscious of high standards, work ethics, good manners and service.

We are frequently commended for our service and exceeding customer expectations.
We have five acres of our own quality plants, but also we offer a service of sourcing plants from elsewhere if requested to do so, and this service is a very large portion of our business.  Although most of our business is interstate trade, we most certainly welcome local and regional trade to supply landscapers, retail garden centres, commercial, and residential landscaping during our office hours (on right). Also we warmly welcome the public during the above-mentioned hours for superior quality plants at very reasonable prices.

Lilly Pilly SUPERIOR Psyllid Free SELECTION is the biggest selling plant in the whole of our nursery. Speed of growth is one of the main features of this plant. This Lilly Pilly never ever gets attacked by psyllid insects hence the name SUPERIOR. Features include small glossy dark green leaves and a very bushy growth habit. Although its mature height is 3 metres, the Lilly Pilly SUPERIOR Psyllid Free SELECTION, can be easily kept down to 1m or any height of your choosing. Lilly Pilly SUPERIOR Psyllid Free SELECTION is also well known as THE PRIVACY CREATOR and has these very useful characteristics:

  • Great Hedge
  • Great Screen
  • Dense and Lush
  • Colourful New Growth
  • Great Privacy
  • Glossy Foliage
  • Flowers in Spring
  • Bird Attracting

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